Key Customer Facing Microsoft Security Short Links, cc @SwiftOnSecurity

This past week, @SwiftonSecurity inquired on Twitter for key Microsoft Short Links (ie that customers should be aware of.  Provided below is a compilation of those that are focused on security.

Securing AD –
Security Baselines –
Microsoft LAPS –
Pass the Hash –
Azure ATP Sizing Tool –
Microsoft Information Protection –
Microsoft Information Protection SDK –
Azure Information Protection Deployment Guide –
Azure AD Authentication Options –
Azure AD Migration Guides –
5 Steps to Securing Identities –
Azure AD Deployment Plans –
Azure AD Identity Framework –
Azure AD Data Security  Considerations –
Azure AD Password Hash Sync –
Azure AD Secure Privelege Access –
Microsoft 365 Golden Config –
ADFS to Azure AD Migration Steps –
Microsoft Password Guidance –
FIDO 2.0 Documentation –
Windows Hello for Business –
Microsoft Go Passwordless –
Just Enough Administration –

Windows Cred Guard –
Azure AD Self Service Password Reset –
Azure AD MFA Setup –
Secure Privelege Access Roadmap –
Stop Using SMB1 –
Microsoft Security Servicing Criteria for Windows –
Microsoft Vulnerability Severity Classification for Windows –

What’s New in Microsoft Cloud App Security  –
This will continue to be a living document and will add to it as new links are discovered.