My Favorite Links for 12/2/2011 – An Ode @EricDBrown

For a while now, I have been following Eric Brown via RSS and Twitter (@EricDBrown) for a while now.  One of the things I have always enjoyed from Eric is his weekly publication of links.  Based upon enjoying these links, I have decided to publish my weekly links not only to share but for me to track what I found interesting over time.  Most of these will links will be technical in subject but every once in a while there will be an odd-ball or running related link.

So here’s the first week’s links.

  • A strong BYOD policy should be SOP 
  • The President of CIO magazine shares his Top Ten Tech Predictions for 2012  
  • iPads in the enterprise: CEO ego is driving adoption: iPads have taken over the boardroom, and corporate CEOs an…
  • CIO says supporting iPhone and iPad led to 92% reduction in broken devices: After switching to support Apple mo…
  • Google’s latest research digs into how  are used. Interesting takeaway: multitasking is huge  
Odd – Ball of the Week
  • Who new that “calc” was this powerful.  Get the most out of calculator – calculate fuel economy, lease payments, and mortgage payments 

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