My Visit to Ball State’s CICS Program

On November 12th I was invited to speak at Ball State’s CICS Placement Seminar for it’s graduate students.  The goal of this seminar is to prepare the students for their upcoming entrance into the IT work environment.  It was an honor to share the platform with the individuals listed below and I was amazed that all of our presentations intertwined although we had never talked beforehand.  My talk, titled “After CICS Begins Now”, focused on making sure the students are taking time now to think about what they want to do after graduation.  I focused a portion of this presentation on building your career brand via social media.

Beau King of ATT presented on personal Salesmanship
Branden Bute of Ball State presented on Job Mining
Todd Hollowell & Amy Reid presented on Resume Building

Good luck to all the students upon their completion of CICS.

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