Microsoft Security Saturday – 02/19/2022

4 best practices to implement a comprehensive Zero Trust security approachBecause an effective Zero Trust approach needs to operate holistically across your complex digital estate, Microsoft Security solutions function as a unified whole to protect your people, data, and business. 

US Government sets forth Zero Trust architecture strategy and requirementsAs a company that has embraced Zero Trust ourselves and supports thousands of organizations around the globe on their Zero Trust journey, Microsoft fully supports the shift to Zero Trust architectures that the Cybersecurity EO urgently calls for.

The Splunk Add-on for Microsoft Security is now availableWe’re happy to share that the Splunk-supported Splunk Add-on for Microsoft Security is now available. This add-on builds on the Microsoft 365 Defender Add-on for Splunk 1.3.0 and maps the Microsoft Defender for Endpoint Alerts API properties or the Microsoft 365 Defender Incidents API properties onto Splunk’s Common Information Model (CIM).

Azure AD Certificate-Based Authentication now in Public PreviewToday I’m very excited to announce the public preview of Azure Active Directory certificate-based authentication (Azure AD CBA) across our commercial and US Government clouds!

Security baseline for Microsoft Edge v98We have reviewed the settings in Microsoft Edge version 98 and updated our guidance with the addition of one setting. We’re also highlighting another new setting we would like you to consider testing, and one new setting you should consider based on your support needs. 

‘Ice phishing’ on the blockchain – Our recent analysis of a phishing attack connected to the blockchain reaffirms the durability of these threats as well as the need for security fundamentals to be built into related future systems and frameworks.

Enable Azure Key Vault Purge Protection for TDE BYOK in Azure SQL DB and MITransparent data encryption (TDE) in Azure SQL Database and Managed Instance helps protect against the threat of malicious offline activity by encrypting data at rest. TDE with Customer-Managed Key (CMK) enables Bring Your Own Key (BYOK) scenario for data protection at rest, leveraging Azure Key Vault or Azure Key Vault Managed HSM.

Microsoft Compliance Manager (MSCM) Ninja Training: Q1 2022Does achieving your organization’s regulatory and compliance requirements keep you up at night?  Do you wonder how you will ever be able to adhere to all the controls and ensure your companies compliance with required regulations?  Do you want to ensure that you are on top of your compliance game and that the appropriate policies and guidance are followed and enforced?  Look no further, Microsoft Compliance Manager (MSCM) is the tool to help you achieve these goals and more.  This training is designed to help guide you from fundamental concepts on your MSCM journey to Advanced concepts.  Once completed you will have a firm understanding of the tool, its capabilities, and use.

Quickly get assessment recommendations in Microsoft Compliance Manager Microsoft Compliance Manager helps you manage your organization’s (or customer’s) compliance requirements with greater ease and convenience by providing things like: pre-built assessments, detailed step-by-step guidance on suggested improvement actions, and a risk-based compliance score helping you see your compliance posture and measure progress. If you haven’t heard about Microsoft Compliance Manager I recommend learning more.