Microsoft Security Saturday – 01/08/2022

It’s now 2022 and I am back, after taking a few weeks off for the holidays, with the weekly security, compliance, and identity news from the Microsoft ecosphere. Provided below is a recap since my last post on 12/18/2021.

Zero-touch onboarding of Microsoft Defender for Endpoint on iOS now in public previewWith this new capability, enterprises can now deploy Microsoft Defender for Endpoint on iOS devices that are enrolled with Microsoft Endpoint Manager automatically, without needing end-users to interact with the app.

Microsoft Defender for Cloud Apps Ninja Training: December 2021 UpdatesSince our last update in September 2021, we have published new training content to support the features and functionality added to Microsoft Defender for Cloud Apps during the previous quarter.  The new materials are included in our Microsoft Defender for Cloud Apps | December 2021 blog post.   If you previously completed the Defender for Cloud Apps Ninja Training and want to view only updated content, we have highlighted and linked to the new material for your convenience.

Azure Purview adds support for SAP HANAAzure Purview now supports SAP HANA to help you more effectively discover and map your data estate across the hybrid landscape. You can scan your SAP HANA databases, then manage and govern your data in Azure Purview.

Office 365 receives Multi-Tier Cloud Security (MTCS) SS584:2020 Level-3 Certification (2021) – In November 2021, Microsoft again successfully attained the Multi-Tier Cloud Security (MTCS) Standard for Singapore Level-3 High Impact certification for Office 365 family of services, this time with the renewed version SS 584:2020.

Azure Key Vault Managed HSM support for TDE BYOK now available for Azure SQLThe ability to use an RSA key stored in Azure Key Vault Managed HSM, for customer-managed TDE (TDE BYOK) in Azure SQL Database and Managed Instance is now generally available.

IOT Security and Addressing Hybrid AttacksIn today’s episode were joined by @AnthonyBartolo Principal Senior Cloud Advocate to talk about addressing new Hybrid Attacks, is what is the difference between IoT & OT? why should organizations care about securing IoT? Find out in today’s episode! Anthony also reacts to some classic server memes on this episodes meme-review.