Microsoft Security Saturday – 07/25/2020 (Sunday Edition)

Was still traveling yesterday so this week’s edition is a Sunday version. Enjoy the reading of Microsoft Security news.

Preventing data loss and mitigating risk in today’s remote work environmentTo help companies with the visibility they need and better protect their data, we are announcing several new capabilities across Microsoft 365 and Azure.

Announcing public preview of Microsoft Endpoint Data Loss PreventionTo help customers accelerate their deployment of a comprehensive information protection strategy across all their environments, we are announcing the public preview of Microsoft Endpoint Data Loss Prevention (DLP).

Protecting against insider risks in an uncertain environmentToday we are pleased to announce the public preview of several new features that further enhance the rich set of detection and remediation capabilities already offered in the solution.

Announcing public preview of Double Key Encryption for Microsoft 365 –  Adding to our data protection solutions, we are pleased to announce the public preview of Double Key Encryption for Microsoft 365. Double Key Encryption helps organizations protect their mission-critical data – a small volume of their overall data.

A Journey to Holistic Cloud Protection with the Microsoft 365 Security Stack Pt 6 – M365 IntegrationFor our final stop in the journey to holistic cloud protection with the Microsoft 365 security stack we will be discussing M365 Integration.

Customer Offerings: Modern Workplace Threat ProtectionWelcome to another customer offering article to inform you about the newest threats and what protective measures from Microsoft you can utilize. In this article, we will present Premier Services Offerings around Modern Workplace Threat Protection. 

Pivot fast and investigate freely with go hunt & other advanced hunting enhancementsMicrosoft Threat Protection simplifies security operations center (SOC) work by consolidating powerful security solutions protecting your devices, email and docs, identities, and cloud apps. With advanced hunting, you get an extremely flexible query-based tool designed for proactive exploration, investigation, and hunting across a comprehensive set of data, covering system information, regular event logs, and security alerts. 

Advancing Privacy with Zero-Knowledge Proof CredentialsI’m excited to have Daniel Buchner discuss an initiative we’ve been working on (in partnership with Microsoft Research) to develop a new Zero-Knowledge Proof scheme that enhances user privacy and security for digital credential systems.

Azure Sentinel Ninja Training: The July 2020 updateThe Azure Sentinel Ninja training is not static and always updated. If you want to refresh your knowledge and get updated.

SolarWinds announces collaboration with Microsoft to enhance monitoring and management for MSPsThrough an integration with Microsoft 365, IT partners using SolarWinds N-central or RMM gain a singular view to help better protect and manage devices.

Threat Protection for SQL IaaS VMs using Azure Security CenterIn this blog post series, we will walk you through different scenarios on, how Azure Security Center protects SQL server hosted on either Azure VMs, Azure Arc and On-prem.

New Azure Sentinel connectorsToday, we are announcing over a dozen new connectors for leading security solutions that enable data collection and automation scenarios in Azure Sentinel. 

Hunting the Demons- Azure Sentinel Administrative Suspicious Activities LibraryHunting such kind of activities (aka: Demons) require defining the category, operation name “value” & activity value. Before sharing couple of hunting use-cases let’s have a look at a set of administrative operations

Azure Security Center in the Field – YouTube SeriesThis month we released a bi-weekly YouTube show dedicated to Azure Security Center. The guest for the first episode was Tal Rosler, from our Azure Security Center Engineering Team.

Enrich Azure Sentinel security incidents with the RiskIQ Intelligence ConnectorToday, we are announcing the availability of the RiskIQ Intelligence Connector for Azure Sentinel which allows you to tap into petabytes of external threat intelligence from RiskIQ’s Internet Intelligence Graph.

Afternoon Cyber Tea: Peak, Plateau, or Plummet? Cyber security trends that are here to stay and how to detect and recover from ransomware attacksTools like artificial intelligence and machine learning allow us to pivot quickly, however, knowing what cyber trends are real and which are hype can be the difference between success or struggle. To help you figure where to focus your resources, Kevin Beaumont joined me on Afternoon Cyber Tea.

Seeing the big picture: Deep learning-based fusion of behavior signals for threat detectionLearn how we’re using deep learning to build a powerful, high-precision classification model for long sequences of wide-ranging signals occurring at different times.

Hello open source security! Managing risk with software composition analysisSoftware composition analysis guides the selection and management of open source components to help you reduce your security risk.