Troy Hunt’s (@troyhunt) “Have I Been Pwned” is for Sale and Microsoft Should Acquire

Early this morning, Security Researcher Troy Hunt posted on his blog (Project Svalbard: The Future of Have I Been Pwned) that he’s taking steps to have his data breach service be acquired.  If you are not familiar with “Have I Been Pwned” I suggest reading the post from Troy linked above as he goes into details about this great service that he has been providing since 2013.

Ok, now for the reasons Microsoft should acquire this service from Troy:

  1. Microsoft has established itself as a security vendor over the past several years with similar technologies being provided to enterprise customers.  Adding “Have I Been Pwned” to their existing services could enhance their existing offering for enterprise customers.  For example, Troy’s service allows IT admins to search his service for email addresses from their company to see if they have been in any data breach.
  2. “Have I Been Pwned” also allows for the everyday consumer the sign-up to be alerted when their personal email address shows ups in a data breach.  Acquiring this service would allow Microsoft to expand its consumer-facing security services.
  3. “Have I Been Pwned” is a stellar example of an Azure-based solution that Microsoft can showcase to customers from App Dev perspective.  As this service continues to grow, as we all know breaches aren’t slowing down, showing how the Azure platform can be used to handle this growth and leverage new features in the service.

Note:  The above is just my 2 cents on this major announcement from Troy and not that of my employer.