The problem with this info-graphic and the results of Ponemon Institute study. 

This week results from a Ponemon Institute study on healthcare use of communication flooded various online tech news streams.  While this study has the correct focus for healthcare it has some questionable results being reported.  For example, the attache graphic references this finding in the aforementioned study:

The majority of both IT and clinicians (65 percent) believe the answer is to use secure text messaging to communicate with care teams during the discharge process. In fact, they believe the total discharge time could be reduced on average about 50 minutes by using secure texting.

via Ponemon Institute

Where’s the hard data behind these numbers and which solution could achieve these costs.  Sorry, but stating that someone “believes” it will cut cost is not a finding worth reporting.  There needs to be actual data to support these numbers.  After reading the study a couple of times, there is still no evidence behind these “costs savings” from secure sms messages.

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