April 2104 (Windows XP) is the New Year 2000 for IT Professionals

If you listen to any of the companies that sell services to migrate off of Windows XP this is the belief they are trying to convey.  Companies like AppSense, Dell, and even Microsoft offer services to their customers that assist with the migration to Windows 7.  While these companies claim they can get 30,000 plus wks converted over from Windows XP this assumes that the customer has some basic infrastructure and processes in place. For example, most these services at minimum require the following infrastructure:

  • Microsoft System Center
  • Microsoft MDT/OSD with a standard OS template (image) in place
  • Microsoft App-V
  • A centralized library of applications that already packaged

If an organization doesn’t have these items in place then the aforementioned services then a tremendous time will be spent in implementation which is no trivial task.  Based upon a recent stat, there are over 50% of organizations that still need to migrate off of Windows XP.  If you are an IT administrator facing this task then be cautious in speaking with these services claiming that they can flip 30,000 wks in 3 months as it most likely isn’t feasible.