Microsoft’s HIMSS Press Releases

You can tell that HIMSS is going on this week with all the press releases being published and Microsoft is no exception.  Provided below are collection of Microsoft’s healthcare press releases so far this week.

Top Healthcare Organizations Embrace Windows 8 to Advance Patient Care

 With more than 850 health apps currently in the Windows Store available to healthcare providers, Windows 8 offers a platform for the next generation of apps poised to change the way the healthcare organizations connect with each other and patients, enabling a more integrated and patient-centric health system.

Rockford Health System Simplifies Electronic Health Record Management With Microsoft

Doctors and nurses no longer have to search among multiple applications to find the information they need to treat patients who need immediate care. The enhanced sign-on process alone means that clinicians can do in seconds what used to take 15 seconds or more — which may seem to be a small time savings, but with frequent logons for the clinical teams caring for patients, it can save up to 30 minutes per day, which is time now devoted to the care of their patients.

Microsoft Solutions Help Fix an Ailing Healthcare System

“What’s particularly exciting is that Microsoft is uniquely the only major cloud productivity provider to offer a business associate agreement to enable customers to comply with HIPAA and to offer productivity, collaboration, relationship management, application hosting, and storage, backup and disaster recovery services that cover the complete range of public, hybrid and private cloud solutions,” Schmuland says.

Microsoft Office 365 for Health Organizations