Sorry but BYOD Policies Should Not Hinder the Customer Experience, cc @BrienPosey

In an article (BYOD Considerations for Healthcare Environments) on Enterprise Efficiency, Brien Posey lays out what healthcare organizations should take into consideration in regards BYOD (bring your own device) policies.  The gist of his article is that healthcare organizational policies should focus on securing the devices and restricting access to systems.  This stance goes against the benefits of allowing healthcare staff (specifically physicians) to bring their own devices.  The better approach is to virtualize the applications and/or desktops that allow the customer to have the same experience as if though they were using a hospital provided device.  By using a virtual desktop for staff, the hospital ensures at minimum the following:

  • Application access that works on all platforms
  • Removing the need to download sensitive data
  • Access to clinical systems from remote locations
  • Removing the need to ensure that the BYOD is encrypted
  • Control of the user experience due the standardization

From a personal experience, if the virtual desktop solution is developed and presented to the clinicians then they adopt the service no matter the device.  Finally, healthcare organizations should not assume that new restrictions should be put in place just because there is a new way for their staff to work.