Reasons Enterprises May Hate Microsoft As Much As +MG Seigler, @parislemon Hates Android

MG Siegler wrote an exceptional article entitled “Why I Hate Android” in which he lays out some very valid reasons for disliking Google.  In the article, MG indicates that consumers hope now lies in the hands of Apple and Microsoft.  This may be the case for the consumer but not for the enterprise until Microsoft starts delivering on much needed solutions.  Provided below are some reasons that Enterprises may have some hatred towards Microsoft in this era of Consumerization of IT.

Inability to Deliver Consumer Solutions for the Enterprise
Microsoft began talking about the “Consumerization of IT” back in 2010 and to date have not delivered on any enterprise solutions to address this trend in the market.  To prove this point, the items below are examples on this inability to deliver proven solutions.

Windows Phone 7
There have been several publications over the past weeks that have indicated that Windows Phone 7 was  a direct reaction to the iPhone.  This may have been the case but when Microsoft implemented this more than exceptional phone they failed to deliver on features that would make it acceptable in the enterprise.  Specifically, none of the phones that shipped came with enterprise encryption and means to fully manage the device like a BlackBerry.

Cloud Solutions
Microsoft will claim that they can provide complete cloud solutions for companies.  A complete cloud solution in my book is that a company no longer needs to support any on premise infrastructure.  While this may be the case for SMBs, large enterprises will shortly find out that onsite hardware is required.  Also, there can be some heated debates on whether the cloud solutions (specifically Exchange) can save organizations money on operational costs.

Office Automation
There has been much speculation that Microsoft will deliver a version of Office for the iPad and enterprise users continue to wait for this solution.  The question is will be they too late to market with this solution and how many more iPads need to be sold until Microsoft acknowledges that this is a device worth developing software solutions.

Will Microsoft Address these items in 2012
While this may seem like a relatively short and petty list of complaints, it just the tip of the discussion that can occur when it comes to reasons why enterprises can develop hatred towards Microsoft.  I am hoping that Microsoft will change my perception in 2012 as they come out withe new solutions (Windows 8, SCCM 2012, and the rumored Windows Phone 8).

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