Favorite Links 1/13/2012

Using an iPad for your next presentation? Here are the apps you need. – Forbes http://t.co/vM2vaxgF

20 Hospitals With Inspiring Social Media Strategies http://t.co/Wn09NTNN

We rated the best & worst restaurants in America. Does your favorite joint make the list? http://t.co/IcQ9NsL9

How a CIO promoted trust and creativity through the use of technology and cut the company turnover rate in 3 http://t.co/wvUu8xtk

Five Reasons to Read More Biographies http://t.co/UREiFcqx

Can these tools improve your blog? http://t.co/ihP9lw70

What have you agreed to? This site will show you. If you use Facebook, Twitter, Google, Yahoo, DropBox, Linkedin,… https://t.co/G0D3bzgJ

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