Leadership: Organizational Culture & Team Building

This morning I attended a leadership development series that featured Chancellor Charles Bantz of IUPUI and Coach Tom Crean from Indiana University. Provided below are my notes from their session on leadership. Both speakers were exceptional in what discussion that they presented to the group.

Chancellor Bantz from IUPUI – Organization Culture for Leadership
“Leadership is constructive”
Organization Culture Can be Broken Down To:
1. Meanings – spiderweb of significance
2. Expectations – agendas, motives, communicate, roles and responsibilities

  • All organizations cannot exist without communication.
  • Need to know what is expected of you in an organization.
  • What is your motive for working in an organization?
  • Agenda is the notion of time within in an organization
  • Leaders need to understand the characteristic of an organization
  • Culture are not uniform across an organization
  • You also need to understand how you communicate within the culture. This will help in implementing change in an organization.
  • Listen to what is valued in an organization and align that with the change you are trying to implement.
  • Understand what has been successfully changed in the past

If culture gets locked down then it gets stale, a successful organization needs to have the ability to change.

Tom Crean “Leadership – Building Your Team”

  • Building team is about building confidence
  • You have to find the one thing in a person to establish confidence
  • You can’t begin to build confidence unless you find that one thing
  • Every person on your team has a story and you need to understand that story so you know what they can bring to the table
  • Team members need to be inspired; as a leader you need to bring inspiration to your team
  • Inspire team members to be greater than they think they can be
  • Need to understand that team members can be selfish and greedy
  • Motivation only lasts for 3 days inspiration can last for a lifetime
  • Confidence comes 3 main area:
  1. Character – trust your instinct when no one else does
  2. Toughness – both mentally and physically, consistency on a daily basis
  3. Mindset – your mindset will move you forward do you have the ability to put fun in fundamentals,
  • Communication can always be approved
  • You can’t have real confidence if you don’t have real communication
  • “Everyday there will be 5 things that you will not plan for and how you deal with them will separate you” – Bill Parcels
  • Communication and leadership are not an entitlement
  • Stay charge of your communication
  • Your team confidence needs to permeate through the organization
  • If you have people that communicate then you have a team that can deal with change
  • “Don’t be combative with each other be competitive with each other” – Jim Caldwell, Indianapolis Colts Head Coach
  • You have to remove/work through the stumbling blocks and sometimes this may be people
  • Stumbling blocks can be removed/worked through communication

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