EMR Implementation for Minor Care Clinic

02/01/2007 – 05/31/2007
As the Director of Information Technology for Corner Care Clinic I chartered the initiative to implement an Electronic Medical Record for the company. The goal of implementing an EMR was to provide the clinic staff (Nurse Practitioners & Physicians) with a user-friendly, streamlined application that adhered to the companies business policies. The project entailed vendor/contract negotiation, application design & testing, roll-out strategy development, training guide development, report development, etc.

Challenges that existed included: inclusion of medical billing business rules, insurance eligibility rules, business performance reporting, and user acceptance. These challenges were overcome through effective communication with the respective teams involved with the project.

Overall, this project was a success for the company by allowing for the clinic practitioners to examine and document a patient visit in a timely manner while maintaining the business rules/procedures required by the company.

Project Mgmt Process Breakdown
Initiating: 40
Planning: 80
Executing: 120
Monitoring/Controlling: 40
Closing: 40
Total Hours: 320

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