IT Policy & Procedure

As part of the startup of a minor care clinic, policy and procedures (P&P) were required to be developed and implemented prior to opening the first business location in October of 2006. In developing the IT P&P there had to be ones that applied to the corporate office as well as the remote clinic sites. The challenging decision was whether to create a single P&P for the entire company or to have a separate one for corporate and clinic operations. In order to keep it straightforward for the clinical staff there two separate P&P created for the organization. In the long run this made it easier for everyone to know which P&P applied to their respective areas in the organization.

The IT P&P included the following:

  • Disaster Recovery: data retention, backup procedures
  • Data Security (adhering to HIPAA standards): workstation, server, password retention
  • Telecommunication Policies: cell phone usage and long distance
  • Change control: systems, user access

Project Mgmt Process Breakdown
Initiating: 2
Planning: 2
Executing: 40
Monitoring/Controlling: 8
Closing: 1
Total Hours: 53

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